Copag, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2008, actually was founded as Albino Gonçalves e Cia. Importadores in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

The company started as a playing card importer and stationary producer. In 1918, it began to manufacture its own playing cards and changed its name to Companhia Paulista de Papéis e Artes Gráficas (“C.O.P.A.G.”). The Company’s new facilities in Manaus (in the Brazilian state of Amazonas) started operations in 1987 and year after year new production processes have been added to the plant through investment in printing equipment, automation and productivity gains.

Today, Copag card decks (whether paper or 100% plastic) are available in five continents and in the most prestigious casinos and championships worldwide. The competitive quality and prices of Copag plastic playing cards keep the company a step ahead of its competitors.

Copag maintains a constant focus on developing cutting-edge technology to better serve customers. They believe in doing everything necessary to become a market leader through innovation and excellence in every market they serve. To further emphasize their commitment to quality in plastic playing cards, Copag obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certificates, granted by international quality control agencies in recognition of Copag’s excellence in quality testing.