Cleaning Instructions

There are many incorrect beliefs in the market today about COPAG Cards. The foremost misconception is the proper method of cleaning.
Cleaning your Copag Cards should be performed selectively. Whenever cleaning your Copag Cards, please realize that slight fading may occur. The more you clean your Copag Cards the faster your cards could fade. However, if performed properly, cleaning Copag Cards will only have a slight effect and long term use is achievable.
Steps for cleaning:
  1. Use cold water. Never use hot water. Avoid warm water. Try cleaning Copag Cards with cold water with no soap to start.
  2. Use a non abrasive cloth and gently wash the playing cards individually. Do not use a paper towel or any other paper based towel products. Definitely avoid any sort of abrasive scrubbing material.
  3. Clean only a few cards at a time.
  4. Rub very lightly on both sides.
  5. Inspect your Copag Cards to ensure they are clean. If water only did not clean your Copag Cards then wash the cards again with a neutral soap. A neutral soap is a soap that is not alkalinic or acidic. The pH balance for a neutral soap is 4. The most commercially identifiable pH neutral soap is Dove. We recommend Dove soap when just plain water will not work.
  6. Once a clean Copag card is achieved, dry thoroughly at once using a clean soft non abrasive cloth.
  7. Spread cards on a table and allow up to one hour on each side to air dry.
Things not to do to your Copag Cards:
 Do Not wash Copag Cards in the washing machine.
Do Not scrub Copag Cards with dish tools.
Do Not place Copag Cards in boiling water.
Do Not wash Copag Cards in a dish washer.
Do Not set Copag Cards outside to dry in the sun.
Do Not dry Copag Cards with a hair dryer.
Do Not apply excessive pressure when cleaning Copag Cards.
Do Not use detergent or alkaline soap on Copag Cards.
Do Not use any chemicals to clean your Copag Cards.
Do Not stack Copag Cards on top of one another when wet.
Do Not submerge Copag Cards in Water for long periods of time.