Although we rarely experience issues with Copag cards, Copag offers a limited warranty against manufacturing defects. If a manufacturing defect has been found before the cards have been used, then Copag will replace the cards.

Return ALL aces of the defective deck(s), samples of the damaged cards and the guarantee card from the deck(s) in question. Once we receive the cards, they will be thoroughly analyzed. If the cards show a manufacturing defect, we will gladly replace the deck.

Individual card replacements are provided due to defect, damage in play or loss at no cost to you. Do not discard your defective cards. You will receive a prepaid envelope which you can use to send back your defective card(s) and the Guarantee Card(s) for analysis. Please refer to the following link to request individual replacement cards: https://www.copagusa.com/collections/plastic-card-replacement-request

Please send the cards to:


7778 SW Ellipse Way
Stuart, FL 34997


+1 (866) 435-0194 (Toll-Free USA and Canada)

+1 (561) 743-9300 (Direct)

+1 (561) 743-8006 (FAX)

Please remember that although 100% plastic playing cards last much longer than paper cards, they are not indestructible. Store and use your cards at room temperature and avoid extremes of heat and cold. Do not expose the cards to alcohol and solvents as this could damage the coatings. Rough play, including pressing fingernails into the cards and pitching the cards onto hard surfaces, may damage the material. The warranty is for manufacturing defects and does not apply to damage caused by storage, transport, handling or play or due to wear and tear.