Who is Copag?

Copag is the world's top manufacturer of 100% plastic playing cards. Founded over one hundred years ago, the company's manufacturing operations are located in Brazil. Copag has been the official supplier of playing cards to the World Series of Poker from 2016 to present and it regularly supports international bridge tournaments. Copag is the only major playing card manufacturer to obtain an ISO 9002 certification, which verifies the company's superior quality control and manufacturing processes.

Who is Copag USA, Inc.?

Copag USA, Inc. is the exclusive importer and master distributor of Copag playing cards in the United States. We work directly with Copag in Brazil to source Copag playing cards for the U.S. market.

What are 100% plastic playing cards?

Copag 100% plastic playing cards are just like any other playing cards except that they are made of PVC instead of paper. They are much longer wearing than paper playing cards. Like other 100% plastic playing cards, at first they may feel a little more slippery than paper playing cards, but after a couple of hands you probably will ask yourself why you didn't switch earlier. Many of our customers are serious card players and they are very loyal to the Copag brand.

What are regular and jumbo indexes?

Card indexes are the symbols of suit and rank on the corners of the cards which make it easier to recognize the card value. Indexes can be small or large. We refer to small indexes as “regular” indexes and large indexes as “jumbo” indexes, but others may use the terms standard, super, blackjack, etc. – we just feel it is easier to stick to two terms used consistently in the industry. Copag is one of the few manufacturers to produce a rare third type, the “magnum index,” which has giant indexes to help recognize the cards from a distance or if a player has impaired vision. The dual index was designed to help players "peek" at face down cards and at the same time easily see face up cards across a table.

There is no “best” index type – it boils down to personal preference. Players who play table games like Texas Hold’em often use jumbo and dual index cards because they have to look at the community cards from a distance. In the United States, most cards in casinos have regular indexes.

What is the difference between bridge and poker cards?

The difference is simply the size – bridge-size cards are narrower than poker-size cards. A bridge-size card measures 2 ¼ inches by 3 ½ inches while a poker-size card measures 2 ½ inches by 3 ½ inches.

Most casinos in the United States use bridge-size cards in table games like Texas Hold’em because they typically are a little easier to shuffle and handle. If you have smaller hands or play with a diverse group of players, bridge-size cards may be more accommodating. Some people simply like how a wider card feels – each person has different preferences.

Are 100% plastic playing cards indestructible?

When treated with the same care as paper playing cards, plastic playing cards should last much longer – but they’re not indestructible. You often can remove creases and marks from plastic playing cards, but rough play can leave permanent marks or other damage. A benefit of plastic playing cards is that they can be washed in room temperature water to remove the grit that accumulate through play, but please keep in mind that washing may permanently damage the cards if not done properly.