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Mini Card Games That Can Be Quick

Mini Card Games That Can Be Quick

A deck of cards might be a simple thing, but the games you play with them are anything but.

For instance, you can play highly strategic games such as Bridge or long, drawn-out games like Texas Hold'em poker. You might play something on your own, such as Solitaire, or you might be looking for a nice simple game, such as Go Fish, to play with a group.

There is also scope to play quick games, perhaps as an icebreaker on a short trip, or to kill ten minutes at home. These games can be simple, played in a small space and take up such a small amount of time; you can have a winner within seconds if you so desire! All you need is a deck of quality playing cards and the knowledge to deal the game.

If you have a few seconds to kill and a good friend to play with, why not try one of these mini card games that can be ultra-quick?


Blackjack is a casino favorite, an old game rooted in 19th-century New Orleans. It took its name from gaming halls originally offering big bonuses on winners having the Ace of Spades and a match 'black' Jack – hence Blackjack. Today it can be found in casinos as well as multiple digital sources. It first appeared on 8-bit machines due to its simplicity and has continued as part of a video game developer's repertoire ever since. The games from Ladbrokes include All Bets Blackjack and Blackjack 250k Pro, both of which take the traditional casino game and add their twist. It can even be found in the Grand Theft Auto online casino! The premise is easy; you're dealt two cards and try to reach the magical figure of 21 by adding more without going bust. You're playing against the dealer, so you might stick on 16 and still win the hand. Some variants include splitting hands and such, but it is simple and quick at a base level.

Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is another simple game with lots of digital representation. Legends of America explain how it arrived on these shores in the 19th century in New Orleans, just as Blackjack did. Whilst Poker has developed over time; the three-card variant has not. Like Blackjack, it can be found in casinos and video games, with Grand Theft Auto's casino having a great version. It is popular in digital games because it is so simple; you're dealt three cards, as is anyone else in the game, and you wager accordingly. There's no swapping of cards, flop, or switching things about. It's so simple anyone can pick it up with a basic understanding of poker variants and hand rankings. All you need is a bit of knowledge and a deck of cards.


Unlike the other games, Snap was developed in London and originally wasn't played with a traditional deck; it was played with picture cards. Players would each lay down a card, and if the two matches, the first to scream 'snap' would pick up the deck. The aim was to finish with the whole deck in your hand, and the game quickly grew in popularity. However, many people didn't have the matching card set, but they discovered it could be played with a standard deck. It might be simple, but you can switch it up by having different conditions for shouting Snap; for instance, one hand could be matching colors, then suit, and finally just the card number. Either way, it's quick and easy to play, but please don't argue about who called 'snap' first!



Article written by Ramona Jo

Derek Monk

Sep 13, 2022