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Shuffling Tips and Techniques for Plastic Cards

Here are some of the most common card shuffling techniques you need to learn if you are a true fan of playing cards. As they say, when you love playing cards, shuffling should almost be second nature to you. 

Shuffling Tips and Techniques for Plastic Cards

Let’s get one thing straight. Not everyone who plays cards just wants to mess around or play to earn some bucks. Some of them are looking to be better at it. From strategies to processes, playing your cards right goes more than just getting lucky. When you want to be better at playing cards, you need to learn the basic – shuffling.

Learning how to shuffle a deck of cards is your first step towards enjoying a game of cards. While there are many ways to do that, learning the basic should be your foundation.



History tells us that playing cards have been invented in China during the Tang dynasty. It was said to be paper version of dominoes. This could have been the main inspiration of playing cards. But it was only 100 years later that shuffling and playing cards took place.


Cards Shuffling Techniques

Generally, shuffling cards refer to the method of randomizing a deck of playing cards to increase the chances of winning a card game. That’s because when you shuffle a card, there’s a great certainty that no 52 cards appear on the same order.

Here are some of the most common card shuffling techniques you need to learn if you are a true fan of playing cards. As they say, when you love playing cards, shuffling should almost be second nature to you. 


Overhand Shuffle 

The most basic way of shuffling cards is the overhand shuffle. It could have been the technique your grandfather taught you. Hold the cards using your right hand and keeping your fingers at the bottom and your thumb on the top of the cards. You use your thumb to peel off small groups of cards from the deck so that they fall simultaneously onto your other hand. Repeat the process for about 3-5 times.


Most people say this type of shuffling is not ideal as it does not displace cards thoroughly. You are just displacing bulk of cards. Overtime, once you master this technique and move faster, this type of card shuffling can serve its purpose.


Rifle Shuffle 

Another way of card shuffling is “rifling” or simply letting the cards drop one at a time. Most often than not, this technique is commonly seen in gambling and casinos. While it may sound simple, rifling is a good way of shuffling cards without exposing them.


To start rifling, you need to cut the cards into two almost equal halves. Start rifling by letting each card from both halves drop and overlapping each other.


Blackjack Shuffle

Some card shuffling techniques are more geared towards more serious card games or those done in casinos and gambling venues. One of the most common techniques is the blackjack shuffle. Most dealers use this technique because it does lesser damage to the cards. Bending is minimal but you can still get the same results just like the usual shuffling.


To do the blackjack shuffle, you must cut a deck of cards into two so that you will have 2 stacks. Arrange the cards in front of you and lay them horizontally. Place your index fingers on two corners and your thumb on the opposite corners. Keep a tight grip on the cards. Then, use your thumb to move the corners up and draw the two groups together. Let the cards fall like rifling or the basic shuffle but only use the small corner of the cards. Shuffle the cards using only the corners of the cards. Once shuffled, arrange the cards back together to create a deck of cards again. Do this 3-5 times to create a good, shuffled cards.


Hindu Shuffle

Hindu shuffle takes a lot of practice to get this card shuffling technique correctly. To shuffle cards using this process, use the palm of your left hand to hold the cards down. Grip the cards tightly by using your index fingers and thumb extending up to the top of the cards. The trick is to pull a few cards from the stack on your right hand and letting the cards land on top of the stack on your left hand. Continue taking our cards from the top stack on your right hand and dropping it on your left hand.


With Hindu shuffle, you are actually trapping the cards with your fingers so that they fall nicely onto your palm. Remember not to go too fast to avoid throwing the cards or letting them “fly”.


Weave Shuffle 

If you have not mastered “rifling” yet, this shuffling technique is the best alternative. To do this, you must hold the cards by the edge. Using your thumb, separate the cards into two halves. Lay the cards where the upper pack and lower pack are facing against each other. Then, bring them together or interlock them through their edges. This looks like you are weaving them. Bend the cards with your left hand’s palm and then release.


While this is a bit more advance technique, it is a bit damaging to the cards. Practice to use this shuffling technique using a lighter grasp so that the cards will have lesser damage.


Shuffling Tips


There are more techniques of card shuffling. But regardless of the type of technique you prefer or mastered, it is important to take note of the following:



While shuffling cards may look easy to do, it requires a lot of concentration. This means you need to keep your eyes on the cards while shuffling to avoid a major mess. It takes extreme agility and balance to do the process right. Otherwise, you may end up spoiling the fun.


Hand Placement 

The way you use your hands and fingers can put a great deal on shuffling cards. If you lose your control on the cards, you will not be able to shuffle the cards correctly. You may even end up picking the whole 52 cards from the floor.



Just like any technique or process, practice is important. Practice makes perfect. Regardless of the technique you want to master, you need to practice a lot. It’s not just a matter of knowing how to do it but more importantly learning how to do it properly. Practice will help you bond with your cards more. Get the connection by going through the process repeatedly.

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Derek Monk

Oct 18, 2022